Cosmetic Dentistry

For some patients, their teeth are perfectly healthy but could use a little bit of whitening or straitening to improve their appearance. We understand the importance of a beautiful smile, so we offer extensive cosmetic treatments to help you attain the smile of your dreams.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth will slowly become stained throughout your lifetime by all kinds of different things. Foods and drinks, including coffee, wine, berries, sports drinks, cola, and more are all detrimental to your shiny white smile. Now we’re not saying you should cut all those things out, although everything should be taken in moderation, but it means your teeth are subject to all kinds of adverse environments trying to discolor their natural white look.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Cypress TXBeforeAfter

When we whiten teeth, we use a variety of safe and effective treatments, all with proven results. At Grovewood Dental, we use BOOST whitening custom trays and one-visit whitening to help you achieve the whiteness you desire. We will discuss your cosmetic goals with you and decide together which treatment is best suited to attain your desired results. Whitening your teeth will boost your confidence as well as your smile!

Restore Your Smile with Veneers

Veneers are custom-made, wafer-thin shells of tooth colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can fix many different types of problems, all having to do with the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

  • Discolored teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Misaligned, uneven, or oddly shaped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Cosmetic Dental Porcelain VeneersBeforeAfter

Veneers provide many cosmetic improvements to many different situations, all the while maintaining a natural look and feel. Not only will you get your smile back, it’ll look as good as new! If you are interested in veneers, Dr. Schott will discuss with you the different options available and best course of action. We offer both traditional and Snap-On Smiles Veneers, all designed to improve your look.

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Invisalign® Braces

Invisalign LogoInvisalign® is an exceptional alternative to traditional metal braces. Taking a modern approach to straightening teeth, Invisalign uses a custom-made series of aligners that are tailor made to fit you and you alone. These aligner trays are comfortable and virtually invisible when placed over your teeth. Gradually these aligners will gently shift your teeth into place, based on the adjustments Dr. Schott plans for you. Every two weeks we’ll give you a new set of aligners to further adjust your teeth.

Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign has a very minimal effect on your everyday life, with the ability to remove them to eat and brush. Thanks to their unique removable nature, you can continue to brush your teeth and eat like normal. Best of all though, is the fact that nobody will even notice you are wearing them! Invisalign is popular way to straighten teeth in an effective and minimal way.

Straighten your teeth easily and gently!

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