Gentle Dental Care in Cypress

You’ll notice right away that we’re a Cypress dentist office with our patients’ comfort and convenience in mind. By providing a pleasant atmosphere, you’ll find that any anxiety you may be feeling is quickly forgotten. We provide amenities for the kids too, allowing you to relax with your book, cable TV program, or magazine. Our team at Grovewood Dental in Cypress, TX is friendly, fun, and calm so you or your child can focus on what truly matters: your oral health!

  • Amenities for Kids
  • Music Headphones
  • Soft Pillows & Warm Blankets
  • Private Treatment Rooms with TVs
  • Refreshments (Beverages & Snacks)
  • TV in the Lobby
  • Warm Towels
  • Eye Masks
  • Wi-Fi
  • Magazines

Our office will keep you relaxed and comfortable.

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Dental Sedation Cypress TX

Safe & Effective Sedation Dentistry in Cypress

Studies show that that regardless of age, around 30% of the population feel nervous, anxious, or even fearful to receive dental treatments. Anything from movies to a story at the dinner table could plant the seed for dental anxiety. We understand how detrimental this can be, so we strive to create a relaxing atmosphere all through your visit to counter your feelings of nervousness. You’ll feel pampered with soft pillows & blankets, TVs with cable TV, eye masks, and candles with aromatherapy. For those who still feel uncomfortable, we offer a wide variety of sedation dentistry.

  • Nitrous Oxide Better known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a widely used mixture of the gas & oxygen that is inhaled through a soft mask. Nitrous oxide produces a feeling of extreme relaxation and giddiness, making your dental procedure hardly a big deal anymore. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly so you can move on with your day without any side effects.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation This is a single pill that you take about an hour before your appointment that brings about a deeper state of relaxation and disengagement in your body. This is a safe solution for those with dental anxiety that need multiple procedures done in the same appointment. The effects will linger for a while after your appointment so you will need to arrange transportation home.
  • IV Sedation For patients with extreme and debilitating dental fear, or those undergoing a surgical procedure such as root canal therapy, we offer IV sedation. This is a safe and effective sedation that is administered through a tiny needle and will induce a very deep state of relaxation. The effects do linger so the patient will need to arrange transportation home.

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